What is RPL

Get Qualification Through RPL in Sydney

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

  • Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane is the process that is used for Skills recognition Melbourne along with the evaluation of knowledge you have acquired through life and work experience (paid or unpaid) and match them to a qualification.
  • Rather than have to start a qualification from scratch, you would be required to provide various forms of evidence in our free skills test to prove you are competent in the units within the qualification.
  • You have sufficient knowledge to enable you to perform it in a range of situations.
benefits of RPL

The benefits of Recognition of Prior Learning?

We acknowledge the skills of our candidates with a nationally recognized qualification certificate by assessing their potential through different government funded courses for industries that require childcare courses, business knowledge, hospitality management and so on. Here are some benefits of RPL.

  • Saves time, money and effort
  • Suitable for immigration and visa.
  • No classroom studies
  • Meet various business standards, accreditation and license requirements.
  • Better job opportunities and promotions.
  • Credits for your higher studies
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