What will it cost?

  • The cost will vary depending on the qualification and the amount of RPL you undertake.
  • You may be required to undertake ‘Gap Training’ to complete the qualification. This is an additional cost to the RPL process.
  • RPL can reduce the overall cost of your qualification.
  • RPL will never cost you more than the training it replaces and will cost a lot less.

What is GAP Training?

  • If you are unable to provide enough supporting evidence to verify sufficient knowledge in all units of the qualification, you need to complete Gap Training. It is a way of filling in the relevant gaps within your work history.
  • These will be provided by the Assessor, and depending on the qualification, it can be completed “on the job” or in your own time as a self-paced process. The tools and resources for Gap Training will relate directly to the unit/s which is/are outstanding.
  • Gap Training is usually conducted online through our eLearning portal. Your assessor will enrol you in the unit/units that were deemed “Not Yet Competent”. You will receive support from your assessor while completing your online study, which may include assessment methods such as case studies, Q and A activities, projects and assignments.
  • Once Gap Training has been completed, the assessments are reviewed by the assessor and you will be advised on whether you have successfully completed the training.

How long does it take?

  • The time for the issue of Qualification depends on the evidence provided by the student.
  • It varies from one qualification to another.
  • Once the assessment criteria have been met the certificate will be issued.
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