Government Funded Free Skills Test

RPL Industry

In the case you have the industry based expertise and experience but never been able to complete your formal education, we help them to have qualification certificate based on skills recognition in Melbourne. We will evaluate your business management skills and help you to get placed in a relevant company that will overlook your formal certificates and degrees and focus on your experience.

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Building & Construction

If you are a civil construction enthusiast but never been able to pursue a career in the same industry, it is high time for you to join our certification programme and get the proof of your skill within the minimum time. Our free skills test is focused on estimating your ability and innovative approach towards the infrastructure construction.


Our courses for qualification certification are aimed to recognise your skills in managing the activities of different automotive sectors. The automotive industry is divided into different sections that include designing, development, maintenance, manufacture and selling of automotive parts. Our RPL certification process covers all these sections so that every skill is recognised and attended.

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Are you thinking of having a career in the hospitality industry? You are not required to spend a massive amount of money in pursuing the management courses. Join us and let us assess whether you have the necessary skills and ability to serve a qualified employee in this particular industry or not. Our government funded courses end up with handing over the nationally recognized certificate that will help you get positive feedback from the companies working under the roof of hospitality management.

Community and Childcare courses

Our childcare courses dedicated to children education and care will let you get the qualification certificate based on your knowledge and ability to understand the issues of children. You will be able to pursue a promising career in a range of childcare organisations including day care centres, preschools and kindergarten schools.

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Health and massage

Despite having the necessary expertise and experience, several talented aspirants are there who often fail to secure a career in the health and beauty industry. We recognize their ability and place them in the industry according to their specialization. Massage centers have become one of the biggest venues for freshers to try and the industry is quite welcoming new talents. Keeping the demand in mind, we have designed our courses to push our candidates towards a prospective future.

Meat Processing

The industry dedicated to activities associating meat processing is booming and therefore inviting freshers to join the course of work. The industry involves specified works including slaughtering animals, packaging and distributing the packages to different locations. We identify those who are not able to make it big in the industry despite having work experience. With our certification, the skilled and trained candidates are making their way in the business that too with grand success.

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